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A chill runs down my spine But I do not feel cold.   A slap across the face With no pain.   Black and blue covering a once perfect skin And I see nothing.  
The heat, the sun, the humidity Flute, 6ft poles and bass drums banging my summer days My summer ended early but that's okay I'd rather learn rythms and tosses than sit at home 
Nothing pleases me more than the sound of flags moving quickly and gracefully through the air. The beautiful motions I was taught, now shine, in front of my classmates. Some call me silly,
Ten girls. Hundreds of endless hours. Thousands of beads of sweat trickling down tired bodies. but its all worth it. Now is the time that actions speak louder than words.
All I know is that I can't remember when it began I don't remember what drew me in But I can't forget what made me stay For the physical pain and the mental strain Was more than I could bear
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