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People don't understand her. Born from the ashes, her eyes shine like embers. A spark ignites in her soul. Her heart, a continuous burning coal. Her passion burns brighter than her fears.
Gazing at the smoldering embers before me my thoughts derail from small talk and conversation as I focus more on the struggling flame of the fire in front of me.Capturing each flicker in my mind, I feel this sensation of starvation and yearning co
I once had a love That was a wildfire. It was passionate, And engulfing. But ultimately,  Consuming. But now, I have a love That is slow-burning embers,
Tears fall from closed eyes, eyes so beautiful they should never be sad. There is a joy, a light of life within them.
Every second, minute, and hour of time wasted Over countless thoughts, my mind has chased it Mind steady Heart ready
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