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Play me a song ‘Cause I’m feeling lonely Like the sad lyrics Of a Troye Sivan single Fuck it, I’ll dance all by myself
It's not that, Cuyler, it's that   Being here with you is torture, but I push on Even when you make fun of me Causing my face to turn bright red And I wish I could say something, but I can't
Bright white lit screen on a small device  Shining in my eye, it's blinding Yet I'm addicted Addicted not to this device, but the person in the device The person responding to me
This cliched little dance we've found; You cast a line: I nibble,  You close away and leave me wondering over my patter -  (too much, and  Have I offended?) ~ Shrug  
  You go through guy after guy Each one worse than the last You live your life petrified Try'n to run away from your past But see I'm not like all the others I'll always love you more than him
Well girl its been a whileSince I've seen that beautiful smileand I just can't go on like thisspending another night without your kiss
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