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Join me in Dreamland, where life may never end. As I lay my head to rest, to Dreamland my mind does send.   Where the sun sets, but also comes to rise. Where, just like birds,
Stop the world for a second. Just what would you see? You'd see the sins of our people, but also miracles beyond belief.   Think of soldiers fighting, all for the sake of war.
Opportunity has a cost. Pass it up and take a loss. It could just be a passing glance, so hurry up and take the chance.   Nothing lost and nothing gained, if not honor lightly stained.
Dear heavenly Father, I bow my head today to ask for your forgiveness for the sins I've done today. I admit that I've shown envy and I've used your name in vain. I have ridiculed my peers
Tell me shadow, do you feel? Are you fake or are you real? Do you cry or feel my pain? Do you even know my name? Are you my twin or another life? Does the darkness cause you strife?
When the boy was little, he dreamed of having wings. Like an angel, he could rise, and forget all earthly things.   When the boy became a teen, he dreamed of going to war.
She stands atop our tallest structures,
And so the time has come as it has before,
A guitar, like I play, makes music with its strings. They vibrate the air around them and seemingly sing as they start to ring. Plug in a pedal, and distort the heavenly sound,
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