Poems about Animals

The leaves seemed to curl around her  Her beauty only maginitized by Nature Artemis, the one and only 
The marine biologists of Scotland spend each and every day
Sometimes I feel like A caged animal longing to be free Knowing if I flee That he'll come after me.
Our blood is red,Straight ahead it runs,In tons,To the heart that beats
To the men in Berkeley, I’m not your sweetheart, Not your baby, your honey, your cutie I don’t respond to clicks and hisses I’m not an an
Mythos, Legend or not?,  Kings and Queens forgotten?, Seek thy legends and stories of realism, 
What color red is she, I say. Her fur so shining-smooth.   It bounces and rolls like waves of water,
It was three cats ago when cat were kitten's drinking milk. And now there are just cat's that have long nails
Bird to a bird Have u any word To say to the men Whenever u have sin Throw it to a bin
Oh, I live in a world Where,each one have a murder To save other, to save one's mother Me with my home key