Poems about Animals

Maybe it was your eyes,  Big and droopy, but also told stories of the wise. 
the squirrels like to give a chase, Those bushy tail creatures always win the race, they laugh in our face,
If you live somewhere where you can't get ready cooked animal feetthere's no helping you!Not even chicken feet?
Born an observer, I sat on the sidelines watching life pass me by Thinking, this life is what was meant for me
Flea market    Born into Innocence 
I imagine that a score ago I wouldn’t have been alive
To be the one who speaks to a goat to see it turn into a pink goddess
Texas.don.g.nutt59 poem.true.blue true blue like blue ivory ghetto raised ghetto born from the birth of the stone blued up trued up from
Texas.don.g.nutt59.poem.butterfly she get butterfly she got from the sun up to the sun down in an out the sunshine she flys so high beaut
The hunter went on a journey  To find some deer meat He saw a buck and looked into his eyes