Poems about Animals

It shouldn't be bothering me this much I'm considered a grown man to most people but damn
The little blue bird is  alone on the farm With no one else to keep it from harm
  In the beginning of eternity, to the end of time and space. The beginning of every end, and the end of every place. 
Exit, Escape Everytime I see  You the one There in the corner I exit  and Escape  
I've got and ache burrowing far down within me. An itch waiting to be scratched.
The vines underfoot try to grab your feet The puddles of water bubble from each step Creatures from the bottom 
Tip tap What is that but a tap that calls upon my self a sound so monumental it rings with wealth
Vomit on her dress Blood in her hair Sound of a Drum Sound of a snair One more one More
The forest was entirely still, The deer stood alert and silent, They knew the day had come,
This is long...but it's a true story...told in a unique way.