Poems about Animals

The storm  Had reached its port. Yet the boat was so far away  From its own. With obscuration
  "Cause and Effect" by Bukowski  "And Were You Being Kind To Yourself" by Shire  
Could it it be that four months ago I found the meaning of love.
Eyes only working in black and white Walking under the waning moon
In 60 years I will be an old saggy woman with no freaky or funky fresh friends and for every wrinkle on my aging countenance I will captu
My thoughts mingle within a nook, they spill on the pages of this composition book,
Animals are not cruel Owners and humans are Drowning, kicking, punching, starving poor animals
Georgie sits by the gate looking all around.  He knows it's getting late and she's no where to be found.
Without you I wait,head bowed, silently praying for your safe return.Time passes languidly, but I remain,
Today I wait for help to come I'm lying in this cage With darkness overshadowing me