Poems about Animals

The best business technique is influence. Watch T.V and listen to the radio. engulf what's being given.
America Is simply one big anthill. we build foundation for country to start on. We get a bigger population.
Zoo opens at 6am everyone wakes up and gets free breakfast.
I can feel the worn, rough leather in the soft palm of my hand. 
Things will get better People always change their mood things arent the same ever
Brown dog likes to lay Sun tanning outside brown dog Brown dog likes to play
    We are born, we will die, We will try to live life to the fullest, 
how can i start this im a human with a soul diploma no path   happiness hides my sadness
Been missing my dad,I know you’re messed up, but sometimes I’m glad,We both have a bond that I thought we never had,
The storm  Had reached its port. Yet the boat was so far away  From its own. With obscuration