Poems about Animals

When she was young she wanted to be a princess. The thought of being taken care of, being adored by everyone,
When I understood why people that looked like me were chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’
 Grandmother, do I have to do thisI ask my grandmother for the fifth time already.
No longer do I let my rage over come me when I hear another brother has died Another father shot 
If I would have known I would have stopped long ago If only I was shown
  I want A wild love But I don’t know  What kind of wild Exactly Do I want the kind
Innocent wide eyes and big smile, that's how I was known through elementary school. 
My father was born and raised in the small, rural area of Moncagua
My glow up is when I'm the best me The best me is who I ought to be I can be on the outside pretty
  Perhaps, as a infant, we are all the same, Wriggling in linen as we are given a name,