Poems about Animals

The animals live as they are adapted to live, but never more. They are primitive. Without free thought,
The Black Cat I see on the streets Poor thing has nothing to eat No one cares enough to give her a home
It's the biggest cat  and it's really fast  it runs like the blast  but other animal are fast 
Cool then to sad
The sight of the animal brings through tears of rain, the felt of their fur brings warmth through my veins.
Screaming and yelling Arguments that happens constantly Anger that broke the spirit
Fresh and clean You sat in your box on the shelf Waiting for me to finally notice you
dear homeless, I see you, standing at that same sidewalk everyday-
Covering myself in the atrocities of every human, plant, and animal, I could think of myself no more rotten, no less than putri
“ I am an 19 year old Animal Activist, strong and proud.