Poems about Animals

Am I scared of lonely? I won’t let it take a hold or control of me
As time progresses, I shed layer after layer in order to initiate you into deeper levels you might never truly understand but said you wo
i love you, i love you, i love you. i love you so much, the bruises don’t hurt.
You crushed that ant and you crushed it’s whole life. You killed the cow.
What am I running from? The question haunts and plagues me
They say there is no I in team They are right, you are not or never in a team  
The introductory poetry writing class begins at 1 o’clock
i'm writing this poem at ten-twenty-four at night those words trickle down my tongue, ten-twenty-four, ten-twenty-four
It’s all lined up You are here, you are ready Three-hundred years, plus fifty-something All the injustice,
Soul Able Animal Celestial Bodies Functioning Skeleton Brain Blood and Bones