Poems about Animals

by Ariel Douglas (28 October 2014)   I am a beast I am an animal
There once was a Kitten Who was destined to heal A nervous troubled yourg girl Who forgot how to feel  
To survive another day is a lifestyle; We don't live anymore, not when we have to keep our eyes open
If I could be any animal, I'd be an orca. Not the killer whales you see in the news, 
Clumsily walking down the stairs, Claws clacking on the wood,
Do you remember 
 I still wonder where everything went wrong. I'll never understand what I did to deserve this.
    I am from #7, to the open door of my parent’s room,
Can you understand the unquenchable desire of the flesh? That which wills you to become animal?
My feeling was twisted  My mind was cursed  Losing positive amount of energy  The heart burst into flames