Poems about Animals

Laying on a cage with no escape with no key heartless hands reach for me.
She's bruised and battered, leaning against the wall. He's done it again, made her fall.
You smell so good when you walk by me. You ignore me and keep walking as you always do.
Struggling, hungry, abandoned, lonely. Are these words I identify with? Yes Who am I?
I did not live, I mastered existence. Why was I put on this so called world. Have I done right to others To myself
I'm waking up to this world with no fear ready or not cuz your heroes here to fight off the sickness that is near like a miracle that fee
You have everything you need, All you have to do is try. Something is way better then nothing.
Finding courage is a heavy task Everywhere you turn is an anchor Always there to pull you down
I. She grew old in the white suburb with only her own stereotypes to live up to and
(poems go here) nuthin lke collard greens green beans tomatoes bake potatoes its a treat to eat