Poems about Animals

It was a warm April morning We went out for a walk Went out to that field of dreams Sat down and began to talk.
Stand there ready Ready for the next move Teeth clinched, claws bare What will you do?
Love is timeless battlefield and it takes two but all you can do is feel the strain in the air
Deafening silence all around me. Unbroken only by the chirping of far off birds.
I turn my head A flash of red Movement; fleeting
I told my mom I heard a poem once About a girl who was ashamed to be ashamed of her culture
Let us wrap you up with tape Let us skin you alive Let us kill you with hate And let us make you survive
Fat and furry Big and lazy Soft and cuddly and clawy Such is the cat.
Yes, I love you Yes, I care I hope you know One day i will be there... Holding you oin my arms,
The click of shoes on concrete Rings through the musty air A few rays of sunlight