Poems about Animals

I like to put plastic bags over my head.
The wolf roamed the world.  Searching for a place which it is needed.  The wolf found nothing to be excited about, 
Hold your head up, and promise to always pray.  Look alive, stay alive for another day.
Polar bear cant swim no ice or snow to walk on Tired, down drown stay down
Everyday seems slower than the last. I feel enclosed and trapped, like an animal Stuck behind glass at a zoo;
“To your left is the new habitat for our--” I look to my right, he creeps down and centers his eyes.
If I could’ve, I would've and I should’ve When I had my only chance my heart was racing,
The world of flavor, so empty and devoid of life, But then, Aha! Here is the creator!
Giraffes huge, spotted powerful, eating, kicking