Poems about Animals

Animals deserve better then we They existed first Yet we treat them like garbage To satisfy our sadistic thirst
to bay is a sad day becaues of today are best pet past away no said good dye all we did is cray so to day was a mad mad bay
warped reflection swims like watery milk above the puddle
In my darkest night,I cry cry for the ignorant animal, the animal that egos idiotically, fashionably confident,
Great things come and go, but Right when you least expect it,
I stand before an empty enclosure, Wishing that God would bring you back.
Flashing lights and carni music, Attract you to the scene. “Animals and freaks for all,
Turtles They spread their wings wide Humans Litter the ocean Turtles Wings don't spread wide
These giants stand out on the great African Plains