Poems about Animals

The breath in your lungs So full and mysterious Will one day be gone  
We all know the most common fear of a naive child, right? Its the dark.
they are whistling and a silent audience is listening paper airplane with alphabet passengers
Gorgon, they cry. Hideous, repulsive, Terrible So ugly she'd freeze you in your tracks-- forever. 
Usually it’s when two people love each other, That ultimately leads to the birth of another,
Dionysus, man of moderation and fidelity:   Business Owner of a winery Industrious at his craft
A great old plain sat  Empty and ready to be made a home of A great many people came, 
I find myself saying "why do people eat animals?"
Medusa hates flying. Mostly because of airport security.
The bones of her stomach crushing her body from the inside out slowly every minute she doesn’t eat.