Poems about Animals

A heartbreak is something we wish was rare Relationships come & go as time passes by Love is a nightmare
The influence of a poem  For as long as I remember , this was the only way I was able to express how I felt .Because who would help a chi
At times when i’m all alone, i’m thinking should I end it?
why do we see such earthly beauties as such monsters?
My mother wanted to name me Nina. The dreamer. Talented, highly flavored and strong.
Emotion is a living thing It flows and steeps in even the most seemingly vacant of people 
We're the generation that the world calls lost! We're the generation that the elders put hope into us
What is friendship? I don’t know the answer to that. What I think it is caring for someone else  Not a person
An animal told us yesterdayI should be a manShameless insect shouted with shame"You also defeated us".Tropic of Cancer reproved aloneYou
I am…   Chinese food and sushi, cottage cheese and frozen cocoa;