Poems about Animals

Africa The home of the true son of the soil A land flowing with milk and honey
It's big wide eyes are looking at me, I see it's pain and grief it's like the little creature speaks to me,
Clouds of dust swirl through the hot desert sky The unforgiving sun radiating its disapproval
When they see us  They don’t see human but only our color  When they see us
1Cerberus the dog with numerous-a-head and snakes for tails-wow!,
For sale, for sale! Anise, achiote, arrowroot powder!
As the new tracks licked the freshly fallen snow My eyes seemed to glisin brighter than ever
It’s a feel good thing. Being an animal shelter volunteer at the CCSPCA makes you feel like you are doing the right thing.
Poetry is good Poetry is great  Please please let me  Take your mom on a date  
The martial arts Muslim is hiking in his neighborhood; A neighbor's loose dog sees the Muslim hiking, which isn't good.