Poems about Animals

Life Life is a beautiful thing they say… Life is what you make of it I’m told…
I am no animal, the fangs you claim to see when you look at me are just a part of your imagination 
No one is obliged to be near you know you die alone but you can sit in fear And walk your own path 
Do you see him cowering there in the corner? His owner has beaten him, he’s falling apart.
Luke 6:37-42 You judge he homeless man for not having money,
I stared at the ceiling, crying.  I gripped tighter onto my blanket. This same night recurs like a bad dream
The day is hot, The ice cream, oh so not, With roller coasters and more,
I was robbed.  They took my coloring books My stuff animal. My plastic kitchen set.
When Adam Levine sings Take us to the promised land Don't just make us promises
Meeting you brought sunshine to my darkest days