Poems about Animals

My father and I were sitting in a new restaruant looking over the menus.
What is fear?   The feeling of being simply not enough.   You've put everything
Black pools ripple in her eyes Dilated spheres of emptiness Proof that she’s gone again  
It's the shadow in my room at night, it's the random bumps in the dark that make my heart race and jump.
Oh magnificent beast How I fear you You outweigh me by thousands
you are so awesome you make me blossom the sky is so bright my skin is the color of white 
I awaken   Rub my eyes Judge the size Of my shaking  
The hard metal risers held the students, Creaking under the large weight. Onto the next song in the performance,
A spider crawling on arm A ghost looking to cause me harm A rollercoaster dropping fast
i've seen an animal an animal of a certain maturity, a certain age