Poems about Animals

You know who you areDon’t look away, don’t turn this page You need to read this.
Dear America, I am sick. I am sick and you cannot cure me.
“Zebra Baby,” The words echoed. A label for an animal, Yet it was meant for me.
Muggy water, gooey mud Lily pads with bright pink buds A fish, a fly, a heron
Dear Inmate XIII – V,   I need a chiropractor and a zoo keeper to help me let loose and unleash the beast
I  love to smile, A s much as fish loves dry land
This is not about me As you and I can see But about my dancing day by day dog Jellybean
The mask I wear is like no other. Hiding away true-self, a caged animal.
You promised me forever, that you'd love me for always. But here I am shriveling back up into what I used to be.
We're living a silent violence Locked on everyone else's frustrations Afraid of climbing our own mountains