Poems about Animals

This is a message in a poem I've written, About the things you have to consider before I let you in.
I stand in pain And I wait for it to end.  This is not the fate That I asked for, This is not the fate
You arrive in the wooden town by one of the only roads
     PitBulls,the type of dogs that are underrated because they are "dangerous"
In historical mythology, She had the power to turn men to stone With a simple meeting of the eyes.
Nephthys only ever wants to see the night.
They say great minds think alike
Does an animal have  a sense of itself  
Sandi and her sister were never put down because they were girls, on the other hand they were empowered and built up by their m
I like to look around. round and round,I say and spy all the colors  that my friends show off today.