Poems about Bullying

have you ever wondered why bullies bully? I have, and I think I know the answer.
have you ever wondered why bullies bully? i have, and i think i know the awnser.
Life is a game and not the fun kind There's no reset button and no extra life.
When no one is there to hurt youI'll be your enemy
I would like to thank books For being my refuge in this world.  
Hi, remember me? We met this summer, during the heat. VBS, Fallen trees.
I tried to smile Tried to look my best I walked into school A smile stuck on my face
We call ourselves Christians In truth, it's just another instance where we fight to not get left behind
You fight the innocent everyday And to prove what to us? You shove the kids at school
You, sir, have had the biggest impact on who I am.