Poems about Bullying

 Numb to all the pain                            Pain that people have caused
“The Gotta Keep on Feeling Even When it Leaves Me Reeling
You were never there for me, more absenteeism then a procrastinator working a 9 to 5 job you played me this whole time
He walks down the hall to the beat of Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey playing in his headphones, just quiet enough so p
I that I'm young but I feel like I'm 35 My knowledge is the only thing thats keeping me alive
What is a Bully a Person who Hurts Persecutes Targets weaker people Define Bullying
<p>To the bully who told me I am a hopeless mess</p></br><p>What is your mission</br>Because I’m over here
Write  Like it’ll break your heart  Just like you  Love  When high school starts   
Would you defend me as I struggle to be normal?   Would you hold me up when I struggle to walk?