Poems about Bullying

Change is going from childhood With blind Faith and innocence, To youth, unprepared to face their challenges.
"I'm here."  
Hey, you there, sitting alone in the dark, why don't you get some sunlight, take a stroll in the park?
my relationship with my dad, it's gotten to the point where I do not feel completely safe when I'm alone with my dad.
When the 5 year old you’s stuck in your 16 year old skin,
Some walls are unbreakable, called the walls of fear, Like losing a loved one, or speaking in front of your peers. Fear of being humiliat
The Playground Kierstyn Edore   Laying under the warm rays,
I walked through the hall ways at school,  I always hated walking the halls in that miserable school.
Let me talk about a good friend of mine She was the one who helped me through the darkest times
September 6, 2002 I was born at 8:16 am. I opened my tiny little eyes for the first time