Poems about Bullying

This is for all you out there, Who don’t know if anyone gives a care.
Dear bully,   You control every little dynamic of my life
There was a tiny flower in a greenhouse It was the only flower that was different No other flower looked like it
You can’t. You can’t sit back & wait. Don’t let yourself be bait For all the words and hate
The victim is standing on the edge, and the bully is standing by waiting to push them off.
              “The Gotta Keep on Feeling              Even When it Leaves Me Reeling              'Cause I Can't Just Not feel Any More B
I met my biggest hater when I was twelve years old.
When I first met my elementary school bully
 It was pathetic  the way he had to handle it  the situation  the missing phone  our mom's phone
Why? Mr. Bully Why do you think it's okay to bully me