Poems about Bullying

I don’t want to write just another feminist poem but here I am, writing just another feminist poem
I don't think you understand, That this is who I am. You don't see, That this is how I feel I need to be.
Cyberbullying must end.
I used to be jealous of the way your nose tilted perfectly upwards, and I hated that mine was not like yours.
Invisible is something I crave to be So people will stop bullying me Dead is something that I long for
Can I borrow a pencil? Yes. Can I "borrow" a sheet of paper? Ok. Can I see your homework? Sure.
Listen to the shouts and jeers Words that are used like spears At home you let out the tears
why is it okey for some people to bully others  are they mad that they have no life.
I was bullied and had low self-esteem; I was not true to myself. 
Bull the bully bullied the bullies the bully king  bullshiting bully and bully things