Poems about Bullying

First thing in the morning, when I see my teacher's face, I want to reach into my pocket and grab a can of mace.  
Education! What education Understand what I mean  When I say this Education Education
The jocks, the dancers, the band geeks abound. Student Council reigns supreme. That’s what I see when I look around,
I'm not sure but it seems to meToo much hate, too little love, creates this tragedy
I hate it when people bully other people i know how it feels to get bullied and bullying hurts alot of feelings
Everyone strives for that piece of  Something. Something to care about, to love Fully.
I was always told, “Men don’t cry!”...But no one really told me a reason why!So when I fell and skinned a knee,
I heard you fell down the stairs today, “Accidently” is what they say.
    life why is it so hard  why do people have to be hurt, bully? all we do is fight why because we are in war.
What I would change in my school today Would not involve more places to play. But what I think my school could address