Poems about Bullying

Why, when you see them do you do it..? Why, do you bully them...? Why, don't you stop..? Why, did you start..?
You speak with your mouth But not your mind, Quite a conundrum, if you ask me But you would not, 
It’s just a breath of airTake it in and hold it tightYou can’t control the bullyThey control you 
A infant mind is on the playground. But a big boss of its kind is on it like a hound.
  We are neither your mouthpieces nor your bully pulpit Even though you preach the gospel of your own pedigree.
Me being me  That was just obsured  It easy to to hurt "bully" But the scars YOU inflect 
bOOKs r gone, uh thing from the past, now that computer nerds are learning my class.  reedin, ritin, & mrythmotic, are no longer toug
See me, see us Recognize who we are when we leave the boundaries of the campus
The facts about school are unknown to those who run them, Its the bullies, the nerds, and the jocks who condemn
I am not another grade in your class I am not another statistic