Poems about Bullying

When I was 14 the voices wouldn’t stop Just a constant buzz
I once had a best friend She was made out of stone. Until one day she took her life away
Ran from you again today Remember back when we used to play? Hiding under blankets and reading our books
My angel awaits me.  She sees my pain, see she's my thoughts.  She know what I may do or why I may hide. 
How do I tell that one kid I dont like him. How do I stop him from picking on other people
I've been here for twelve years. Little breaks. High expectations. What is this?
  Help is written in her eyes But does not show it until alone and cries
Teachers get paid to teach and all they do is preach, a teacher will preach not to become a bully
now see the shit i can't stand is when a boy on tv is smiling making you believe that society is helping i look at the screen simply seei
Don't want to be judged? Don't let bullies bully you.  Stand your ground & hold your head up high.