Poems about Bullying

Make-up, lipstick, nail polish, clothes. Skinny, prissy,that's what everyone knowsabout Barbie. Is she smart or is she dumb?Is she nice o
The bully stands above me He’s pushed me down once again Doesn’t he realize someday I’ll be bigger than him
Footsteps stipple down the hall. His eyes are cast downward, following the lines of passing judgment.
Sometimes the human tongue will never compensate for what the brain screams to the world
Have you ever been confronted by someone who is cruel Does this treat you badly like your some fool
Let me tell you my life story. I was left.
Alone. Drowned in silence.  The razor pressed against her wrist.  Hesitation and full of tears. 
The differences thats what brings me to your side Your teenage bully  
Seeing the bully walk around the school probably thinking that she is very cool Makes me want to run and hide