Poems about Bullying

The facts about school are unknown to those who run them, Its the bullies, the nerds, and the jocks who condemn
I am not another grade in your class I am not another statistic
Walk through the hallways in a such daze, who are these people?
bully, bully, its not fair, now I'm on the train, to no where, wanting to runaway,
It’s dark inside this cold world The voices are calling out to me I scream and no one hears a sound
I sat there thinking, What makes me any different than the girl next to me? I glance back looking,
Who’s to say what people can think?
You've all been to school and have seen how it works,  All the weirdos get picked on as class drags on
  Hello, my name is Grim, but you can call Me, Depression, for it is what they call me.
Shit I would throw back in my teachers face would be my pain I felt everyday I walked throw those hallways