Poems about Bullying

The curse of a writer is to write. To see the world in black and white.
The Power of WordsEvident through self-expression,Through writing,Through speech.Placing Letters carefully
STOP you don't understand what your doing STOP don't you see what your losing? What about all that is ahead of you
Someday there'll be peace someday world hunger will end someday we won't have to live in fear 
SIlent cries are always the loudest now my mom cries at the noose in my closet
Left, right, left, right I walk… Suddenly stopped. Not by a bully, rock, or paper plane
You are can't stand up You have fallen to many times But only you make that choice Don't fight back End the cycle Don't be a bully Stop t
Names. They tell us who we are and make us individuals. They identify us, show us our uniqueness.
I remember walking through the halls thinking should I or should I not
When punched in the gut, do you face reality as it seems or do you seem to drift off...