Poems about Bullying

I've always been the peacemaker of my friends, The one who always does the right thing.
I'm too skinny I'm too fat I'm very intelligent And you hate that.
I am 14 I am at the age where stress becomes a friend, sleep is a taste of heaven
Society isn’t real, but is a bully. Bullies can be brutes or brats they have insecurities and secrets too
The lights The excitement Cheering the team on Pom poms shake as Twenty cheerleaders smile
Why the hatred? Why the spite? Because of the way I look you wish to fight?
WORDS are hurtful WORDS are mean Many people don't even know what some WORDS they use mean
Throughout Middle School I was always the bully I ran the hallways Until one day something died inside of me
Dont Bully the kid He goes through enough at home Dont Bully the Kid What did he do wrong ?
struck down by the debris of others who have once fallen