Poems about Bullying

To our face they say It’s all the same, we’re equal Same rights, same say, same pay.
There once was a young person who lived in a town in New Jersey His name was Jacob, a nice person
twinkle twinkle little stars I can see all your scars you may look shiny over there
My name is Kassandra Nickname is cat Cruelly called Assandra And nicknamed fat
Today I had a talk with the class bully, he is quite loud and rude.
Be yourself, Dont hurt the people that dont know you, Everyone is different,
His blood on my fist Knuckle to the bone Tear through those teeth Like a plow through the snow
We fight, but what for? we hate, but what for? we bully, but what for?
What is a friend, you may ask. A friend is special, kind, sweet, Watches out for you, Asks you how you are,
(poems go here) It’s the rejections of life that we are afraid or fear the most.