Poems about Bullying

Invisible is something I crave to be So people will stop bullying me Dead is something that I long for
A friend is someone you can't replace, Someone who puts a smile on your face. You can be yourself around them ,
As a generational curse, it continues.   In favor of the owner,  
Life is what brought us here to this unforgiving world. Life is a human, its all one big twirl.
The world is mean. And yet people still find ways to keep clean the hopes of next week.
Tears fall down my face each day, their cruel words rattle in my head haunting my dreams.  
I know that I'm young, but I feel like I'm 35 My knowledge is the only thing thats keeping me alive
It is a elephant on my chest when I try to breathe It is a monster in my head when I try to sleep
You ask me what am I thankful for,  I am thankful for being hurt    I am stronger since my mom has died,
Pushed off the edge They watch him As words were thrown That nobody has ever told, Mannerless Bystanders