Poems about Bullying

Society told me that girls are supposed to cry, and boys are not.
Drake said it best, The only thing I love is my bed and my Mama. I strongly believe in Karma,
How I see injustice? When the ones who hurt you Don't wanna admit that They did How I see injustice?
You know, I have dreams where we're friends again. Dreams where you laugh at my jokes again.
They call me "flirt". They call me "slut". They call me "whore". They call me "failure".
The bully pushes me to the ground  and tells me to get up My mom shakes me in my bed and tells me to get up
When I am sad I think of everything bad When life doesn't go the way I want it to
A regular day filled with talking and laughing, joking and gossiping Always done with a fake grin plastered on
I'm sitting
Every 5 seconds 2,000 Kit Kats are eaten Every minute 250 children are born  Ever 5 minutes 80,000 text messages are sent Every 10 minute