Poems about Bullying

Every 5 seconds 2,000 Kit Kats are eaten Every minute 250 children are born  Ever 5 minutes 80,000 text messages are sent Every 10 minute
lets be clear being bipolar is no fucking roller coaster not fun nor scary you have words
You think your all that You think you can hurt me You think you have so much money But I know who you are
School They talk about it as a perfect safe learning environment.   When in reality it's not.
I loaded the gun before walking into school And nah it wasn't to make me look cool
We should all be accepting and not bully other People. Would you like being bulled? How would you fell? Good or Bad? 
Bullying  Everyone has bullied someone at least on time in their life. It is hard for victims to sleep at night.
Depression  Is a mask No matter how  Hard you  try to take it off You can't  It is glued on
The people I hung out with 
This past week has been hard but I’m trying my damndest.