Poems about Bullying

 Numb to all the pain                            Pain that people have caused me
I see red rivers of blood not merely puddles You would think that this is a horror story
There are many words in a dictionary. some of the saddest words in a dictionary are...
    Stuck like a little ring on a big middle finger
All you’ve had to eat for the past 2 days are your own fingernails Skinny girls hip bone wishes You want to be skinny Skinny means pretty
Her Head Held High   She tries to keep her head held high
when ever i get to school  its always great but this day seem wrong the other days seem so good but this day 
Your fault These are the most damaging words ever spoken by human tongues
Dearest Doubt,  I hope you are doing well.
Dear 11-year-old me,   Your teeth are crooked, and you’re a little bit overweight. Does that sound familiar?