Poems about Bullying

To the boy who tainted my heart: Once upon a time you showed me the world,
My disaster,   You don’t know, how much it hurts, To hate myself.  
Dear World,   I know your reputation. You’re big and rough and tough. 
Dear bully, I wish it'd been enough to have me hiding in the stalls.
Dear Bully,
Just a young boy coming straight from the Bronx need to expect life always comes with some knocks this story's pretty tough don't know wh
To my life partner,   Before you came,
Dear Anxiety, We have grown so close one could say we’re friends.
The road is set. I must not fault. To live a pawn, or die a thought.
My eyes are not filled with tears anymoreI don’t have dark circles from nights of crying , my pillows no longer see the tear stainsI got