Poems about Bullying

The sky never hides its feelings. A sunny blue day,
A day goes by, Little no-one knows, Presence here, Twinkle Toes,   Amingst the masses,
have you ever wondered why bullies bully? I have, and I think I know the answer.
have you ever wondered why bullies bully? i have, and i think i know the awnser.
Life is a game and not the fun kind There's no reset button and no extra life.
When no one is there to hurt youI'll be your enemy
I would like to thank books For being my refuge in this world.  
Hi, remember me? We met this summer, during the heat. VBS, Fallen trees.
I tried to smile Tried to look my best I walked into school A smile stuck on my face
We call ourselves Christians In truth, it's just another instance where we fight to not get left behind