Poems About the Environment

~Winter Bids Autumn Adieu~ Russet, orange and harvest goldAutumn is the season when colors unfold.The tree
           ~Harmony~ Harmony is a symphonyThat exists in our souls.A beautiful instrumentthat needs fine tuningAs each new day unfolds. 
                                                   ~A Fine Day~  
Because I love you I felt the weight of your words To love at all is to be vulnerable, present
The swaying of The  Willow Tree's  leaves is like the swaying  of a little  girl doing an elegant 
Don't Panic, Don't Freak out, Night is coming, And you still living, I am Relaxing, Don't Cry out,
I met you out of chance You looked up to me with the eyes of a serpant but the spirit of an aging flower
People being together is an odd thing, stranger in a digitized environment/in-between Facebook messages, Twitter retweets
My feet pounded against the ground as my fingers gripped the smooth, tall wood that was taller than the world’s tallest man.
I came from clothespins From Clorox and tide I am from the dirt under the porch