Poems About the Environment

Yeah, feeling new again but different Same old & brand new new friends but different
Why am I here? I don't wanna be here All this yelling and abuse All this depression I have been through
I wanna be in sublime harmony With the birds, trees, flowers and bees
  I am strong to be a brave women I am loved by friends and family  I am very expressive about my feeling 
When falls approaches, I feel the wind blowing blistfully on my face. The colorful leaves fall so gently from the trees.
I'm going to spread my wings someday I'm going to stop apologizing for wanting a life of my own 
At 10, I thought I was big, And tall. At 11, I had a crush on my best friend.
i don't like the alchohol  it messes with my head  instead i'll chat with demons that reside under my bed 
I started out on my own. I was influenced and followed. It was fun and had great times.
Why do you scowl at the thought of me, But bolt in the other direction when you see me?