Poems About the Environment

The fresh morning dew, Brings new happiness and hope, And begins my day. -TardisRobber
   Seeing the tree, Touching its leaf, Feeling it's bark, Sensing it's heart.   Hearing the wind,
You are like a breath of Oxygen. You are a cold cup of water, a deep desire on a hot summer day.
  Need to know where to goLooking for the soulLooking for the flowWalking the back roads
I am a lotus, once grown in the dirty, filthy mud
McKinley Merchant     The World Came Full Circle  
Luscious light blue sea After the frantic ripping storm Emotions are freed  
Earth Vulnerable dream Protecting, mending, reusing
  In the deep blue sea Corals hiding the fishes From floating plastics  
She is beautiful Like a flower blooming near But fades in the sun