Poems About the Environment

In the end when an is gone The world will be at peace and a always The word shall move on.
Cleverness is so effective Making it seem scam-less Using their disguising friendliness
Within my heart, a terrible fear Has swelled and beat and filled the ears
Earth's ocean is dark So much of the black substance I am so angry
This year is a new approach  To end my part in suffering No animals will be poached  Passing on the commercial
Christmas  Commerical happiness  Overeating, disposing, unsatisfying Random act of kindness Goodwill 
Winter brings such wonderful tidings. Each and everyday, winter glows with  such majesty.
Dull ceilings tiles. 
Dull ceilings tiles. 
I become absent minded of the speed  Creeping on the clouds  They pour on my dome, only to dilate