Poems About the Environment

Reduce! Reduce garbage. Less waste is lucrative. It lowers disposal spending. Reduce!
There is an abnormal businessman Who is a corporate partisan. He taints all oceans with oil,
I walk paths that were paved long before my existence Voices and laughter that once echoed for miles
Your love for me is an unbroken bond. How I love the way you instill in me, The desire to serve and to respond.
Who is the true you?   I am just one person trying to make a difference; the earth we use is not ours to destroy. 
Dear me, Welcome to life. At this point, you are not in a good place. Everyday is a struggle to find peace.
Join this, apply for that make a decision but don't look back. Be remembered, do your best
Dear Moon,    You shine bright throught all of Earth  Lighting up the night with the Stars ,
They said she had to be on drugs.  It wasnt because she had a disfunctional family and people filled her head with dark.
It is because I love him.. I check up on him all the time