Poems About the Environment

The swaying of The  Willow Tree's  leaves is like the swaying  of a little  girl doing an elegant 
Don't Panic, Don't Freak out, Night is coming, And you still living, I am Relaxing, Don't Cry out,
I met you out of chance You looked up to me with the eyes of a serpant but the spirit of an aging flower
People being together is an odd thing, stranger in a digitized environment/in-between Facebook messages, Twitter retweets
My feet pounded against the ground as my fingers gripped the smooth, tall wood that was taller than the world’s tallest man.
I came from clothespins From Clorox and tide I am from the dirt under the porch
Once upon a time there was a boy named TImmy.
Above buildings, Above planes, About birds, Above us all Are the cosmos. The cosmos may
Several things you do not know about me. People make the assumption that because I have brown hair and dark eyes, that I am basic.Indeed,
My DNA is filled with millionsHard life and killed civiliansThey dont want us in the streets We just tryna blend in...But we aint chamele