Poems About the Environment

Before the creation of machine power, Humans and animals peacefully coexisted,
Flying birds through the sky, Warning me of others nearby, Though I know they may be friends,
The fresh morning dew, Brings new happiness and hope, And begins my day. -TardisRobber
   Seeing the tree, Touching its leaf, Feeling it's bark, Sensing it's heart.   Hearing the wind,
A fresh new tooth juts from the EarthHeralding a wind to cools our bodiesAnd the whole world knows it's mirthIn the country it embodies. 
You are like a breath of Oxygen. You are a cold cup of water, a deep desire on a hot summer day.
  Need to know where to goLooking for the soulLooking for the flowWalking the back roads
I am a lotus, once grown in the dirty, filthy mud
McKinley Merchant     The World Came Full Circle  
Luscious light blue sea After the frantic ripping storm Emotions are freed