Poems About the Environment

Christmas  Commerical happiness  Overeating, disposing, unsatisfying Random act of kindness Goodwill 
Winter brings such wonderful tidings. Each and everyday, winter glows with  such majesty.
Dull ceilings tiles. 
Dull ceilings tiles. 
I become absent minded of the speed  Creeping on the clouds  They pour on my dome, only to dilate 
The flowers in her hair were slowly dying. The sky grew too tired of crying. Sheets of white covered her eyes, as the world met its demis
Forest floor, alone and free. Free to live as they have lived before.
How are we to be free when the color of our skin is stereotyped?
I got focus on my craft just to make a difference Sure it's all authentic when i make a sentence
Giving Mother Earth A Chance Mother Earth, our little blue planet, our home