Poems About the Environment

(poems go here) What right? What right? What right do you have to criticize?
Riding down the road with a hint of sun seeping through the leaves, It gives me a sense of exuberance,
You're sharing time with each of your loved ones The clock strikes the witching hour
In brightest day, birds sing The winds dancing merrily on their wings The sun’s rays bounces As a kitten pounces
The roar of the river, The speed of the hurricanes, The strength of the mountains, The stealth of the tornatoes,
Icy feathers of air Stream into the hawks’ wings As he plunges
Paper is used everyday Such as a pay For cutting trees Without peace. Habitats disappear
I’ve bathed...
looking for my student nothing serious just a follow up to see how things are going all i heard
Beautifully sustained Naturally retained Trees standing tall in their glory