Poems About the Environment

As the frogs sing, The Sun smiles, Their happiness is contagious, The flowers dance to their tune,
A dove is as white as snow, Looks more beautiful than a crow, In weddings brings tears of joy on one’s face,
Myrtle Beach
Today is the day It's finally May 4 months of winter have gone away Nothing has changed from April to May
Bullying Why does it happen Who does it happen to I don't know why or who But I know how to stop it
Our world is desert Towering dunes of cities Encroaching nature
Watching the snow fall A white blanket all over Glistening crystals Floating from the ice cold sky
Standing there all alone Its leaves reaching to the sun Blooming very well
Growing up in a violent community where all I see is dope fiens and crack pipes, this isn’t a way of living so it seems like there is no
Rusty old gate,nails on a chalkboard sounds like hate. Lightning strikes? Yikes!