Poems About the Environment

Cold Rainy Dark Sky Cloudy rainy days Gloomy days are the worst.
I remember when I heard a voice that said I think there's trouble better stay in bed.
This house is full of dis-closer, unsettled animosity in which no one will ever care to figure out.
They live out their lives with no concern for the earth, They mill about littering with carelessness and mirth.
This poem is short and sweet, Much like someone I know. He might be under three feet,
How much, in a person, can there be, demonic demons and benefactor angels. For without, the balance of today's world
Gusts of wind fly past the house Large gray puffs roll in Drip drip drip on the roof And then the puddles begin
We tramp through her woods, her fields, her mountains Covering her beauty with concrete This angelic land
Life in its simplest form We destroy it to keep us safe and warm Killing off what helped us survive
The birds song singing years of our symphony the history of us a view more daunting than our minds can accept