Poems About the Environment

You wake up seeing where you from seeing death and crime which makes you glum.
We fold our hands for prayer While the world stops and stares We lift our hands in praise,
You see this beautiful light that greets you into the world, you find love in the arms of someone you'd think is an angel.
The color blue.
How quaint is mother, Giving us fruit and homes, Eat… live… then forget.
Is This What Martin Luther King Sacrifice His Life For? Could The World Be Coming To An End?
I cry because every day a memory is lost due to somene's carelessness.
Started by the smallest spark On the driest day Kindled by the wind The starting of a flame
Thank you for calling the House of Representatives Para Español oprime uno For English press two BEEP!
Wind, you are the ruler of sky, the current of the air. You make trees sway and storms brew.