Poems About the Environment

Mother Nature I am the wind that howls in the night. I am the annihilator when not taken care of.
When I love,I care When I care,I get hurt When I get hurt,I become afraid When I become afraid,I hide
"Realizing The Truth" People yet to forget love, forget joy forget peace
Leaping through the air Pieces fly all around Vastly hitting the ground
Babylon Gone burn Hotter than a perm Lost sheep better learn We living in the end times But we blind
While my dissolved thoughts take to this state I find myself precipitating My aspirations of perspiration
Im sorry that im a kid thats young and stern yelling at me means i'll never never learn
"Carry on," says the voice in between each step So wrong, what has been done leading to regret. Have you ever seen
Some things are untouched Untouched by man Untouched by destruction Untouched by its greed
I'm gone to another place  Far from my home  Far from the warning of Earth before And late for its destruction