Poems About the Environment

Bullying Why does it happen Who does it happen to I don't know why or who But I know how to stop it
Our world is desert Towering dunes of cities Encroaching nature
Watching the snow fall A white blanket all over Glistening crystals Floating from the ice cold sky
Growing up in a violent community where all I see is dope fiens and crack pipes, this isn’t a way of living so it seems like there is no
Standing there all alone Its leaves reaching to the sun Blooming very well
Rusty old gate,nails on a chalkboard sounds like hate. Lightning strikes? Yikes!
No one can change you Your personality is one and only Your smile is cooler than kool-aid
A cold silver moon, Shines in Tokyo city, On a chilly night.
Unpredictable, will this be my last breath? Will I see tomorrow’s sun? Heavy winds nearly sweep me away;
snow be gone it's time to bloom sleep is done spring has come