Poems about gender

If I could change the world I would change  the wage gap the catcalls the disrespect
Perception Deception   I want to change the way we see ourselves.
The emphasis placed on between the legs Is what is reflected in the world today
I would want to change something near, and dear to my heart I would want to bring families back together, being torn apart
There is a flaw in Society's Status Quo, One that only women suffer from, One that men pretend not to know,
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
What would I change? I would change the frowns Change the hidden smiles
I stand behind a glass case.I am an object to behold.For my submissive nature and gentler tones.
I would make everyone see that We're all human. We're all the same.
My English homework asks me to name things that are considered taboo in society.