Poems about Health

If today I die purposefully,  just know it wasn’t me.  
Beauty comes when the rain stops
Depression you were always by my side in the closet where i chose to hide.  You came to me in the night
Is my son here? No. Is my son here? No. Is my son here? No.
music your are there you are with me  when i am having all these emotions  or when i am emotionless
Every night I just wait for the perfect time to close my eyes after the stars come to guide me with light 
Sharp needles pierce through my flesh,  leaving me with unbearable pain, 
From the blazing, agonizing heat settling in the pit of the stomach,
the bird that sings at midnight keeps me company as i search for a home looking to the sky
Tried to run away in my teens and 20's, Found myself in a maze, Lost, Often at the beginning again.