Poems about Health

Some nights you feel like there's a thousand galaxies exploding in every inch of you
       8:16 PM   Fear Agony And despair. The three things 
Mom, my depression is a shapeshifter. One day it is as small as a firefly in the palm of a bear, the next it's the bear.
White Daisy, so delicate  so pure of touch. Deadly promises and broken ways turned your
The mask hides the lows, it stands tall and strong, It won’t reveal its true colours, if something is wrong.  
Living with depression is like watching people around you breathing but instead your blue lips inhale
There's a demon in my head and it's finally figured out how to turn my skin transparent and show itself.
50 lives from now the glaciers will melt the rate at which ice leaves the planet is caused by us. we did this.
Do you think biting your nails is gross?  Well try biting your skin every single day.   I didn't like my skin,
Eco and Beke ,played hard on Kensington's streets , our feet hitting cold concrete , the fear of past feelings envoked both our defeats ,