Poems about Health

All smiles All happiness But I don’t know why Are they making me happy?
when will it end? Us? No. Separate the two and you get
I've never felt so alone So torn up inside No safe place to hide It's exhausting feeling like this all the time
Free  I wonder how many beds you’ve slept in to forget me .
My name is Emilee.  It means striving, rival, and practical. 
Females tend to bring themselves down keep your head up turn your frown upside down
Could somebody take me somewhere pleasant? It's all I have ever asked of someone.
I shower twice a day Hoping that maybe I can wash off my stubborn filth
Is it even possible that I’ll be ok? Hoping and wondering every single day   What am I to hope for?
My heart beats inside my chest, Thinking about it I know I'm blessed. I breathe, I eat, I laugh, I cry,