Poems about Health

There us two horrible things you can expierence, During your teen years One is young heart break
The droning of the engine reverberatesDawn draws to a close and eyes dilateAs the stop and go cycle but replicates
My People; My People – what’s wrong?  We still aren’t where we belong, together united in blood and history …changing the course of their
I walk the halls alone I am the loner girl Who no one notices? But one day I am caught
10 lives near their end, Saved to fight, as fate commences Monsters forced outside a the link unmended
Apollo, Apollo Sunshine boy and To those who know him dizzy dreamer Tossled blonde hair that
A God Someone who has influence and power Someone who can make the Earth tremor below
Just ran into Attalah you know brown skin cute faceBefore that ain't seen her a few daysmaybe like one or two daystwo months, two halves
Echo is watching, will someone turn around? Echo had learned,  the dangers of sound. Echo had chattered,
He glared up to the sun, and the sun glared down at him.