Poems about Health

Neurotypical that’s what I am. My brain processes in a way most understand.
"Hey, how many girls have you macked?" "Why would I answer that?" "Dude, just tell me!" "No way"
Open your mind Ditch the confined Of the nine to five
Luscious light blue sea After the frantic ripping storm Emotions are freed  
The friend when you’re in need Family for when your lonely The loan shark for happiness
Every night i stride through the endless corridors of my mind. I look for doors i Never find.
Sometimes I can't help between loving you or myself my minds always racing it's contemplating on what's right and what's wrong I love you
Sometimes I think I look back to middle school in health class
Anxiety. Noun. Is thought to be worrying. About everything. All of the time.   Depression.
I was swallowed whole