Poems about Health

Crunchy hair on my head  and broken springs in my bed moan in pain or maybe pleasure. Stretch-out and breathe-in, blue-ink marks upon yel
I don’t enjoy the phrase cry me a river Due to the fact that I’ve cried
I'm dancing on a whimI am a leapor a twirlaway from discord. 
Watching them go again and again My mind goes back to where it began
I am a civil war Brain fighting body  Hands shaking heart palpitations 
                                                        On my wrist are scars
Cloudy today The weatherman would say Of me Of my mind Clouded haze Foggy thoughts
Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Vuity Vuityou proda
I wasn't ready for it, I wasn't searching for it  He held my hand, kissed my face  I felt the whole earth shake 
when i was sixteen i couldn't read past two lines of the waste land