Poems about Health

i'm not a person anymore. you aren't seen as a  Human Being after you've done what i've  done and 
tears spilled in closet nobody knows or cares i'm alone again
when i am with friends  and i smile and laugh i  always stop because i am reminded
You're broken my dear And not like broken bones You're shattered Like a glass mirror
It's a fun way to relax, it's harmless just fiction but before I know it I have a gaming addiction  
Fake smiles and fake laughs stop you from asking questions. Haven't you noticed yet and learned a lesson?
Dear Sister,   In the corner of my eye I see little white lies, Though they're disguised
Child I am here For your friends have disapeared  leaving you all alone with nothing else but fear 
I rare met a man with a badge and a gun, Who deserved to wear it proudly or even at all,
Worried is an understatement; I long for stability, mentally and physically. Each step brings forth many discomforts,