Poems about Health

He had it on his desk, A light in the dark. “What E’er thou art, Act well thy part”.
His mood was short The transient feeling was impermanent
Whitman doesn’t recreate Lincoln’s death. With the stroke of a pen, he borrows his tragic ending,
I bottle up rage and I choke it down Until I explode on anyone around I want to scream I want to yell
It would be nice if I could wash away my thoughts in the shower. Put shampoo on my brain and lather away the worry and pain.
Hush hush and listen Everyone’s eyes they’ll glisten Let your heart show
There's a great blue sky that seems so vast. They say that it is limitless. But I don't understand.
My Brother has that look Casket pretty shine The glow of soil piled high
I took a poetry class for the first time when I was 21 in my last year of college.   And it felt