Poems about Health

Am I really wise or just a fool in disguise? Do I know what's goin on or is everything wrong?
submerged deep within my thoughts lay a community of lies gathering and organizing to keep me from my prize
The words i hear you saying turn my blood into ice freezing in my veins holding me like a vice
I thought if I closed my eyes, I would go to sleep. And dream of beauty and butterflies and forget my broken wings.
When I am queen you all will see the patron saint of self-injury. The glitter sores will heal themselves.
The moon, so bright and glorious be, The light, for such a time as night, impossible! Is such a light possible
You know when you were little And you had your hand In the cookie hand
You’re the most amazing person You care for me and I care for you Nobody has ever made me feel this way
With lips painted so perfectly, And eyes as hollow as a rotten tree She haunts my dreams, killing me
Along with summer came hopeless sorrow, The mind played tricks upon the pain filled heart,