Poems about Health

When diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, the concept of self is lost.  
She used to cry. Every day.   Then she realized she didn't need salt-tainted tears to recognize her pain.  
Never ending pain,Waiting,Waiting,Nothing happens.The pain grows until it overcomes you and consumes you.
Can a heart still break once it's stop beating can you believe me even though you know I am lying will you be there when I need you even
That damn bell, oh how I dread. These mornings never change. I think I’m seeing red.
I have lost myself in my sentiments Bills that pile up on my mother's desk Cigarettes that litter the streets outside
I hold my open arms Empty and bare In hope of holding you
Watching me. Faces turn. Feel the rush of warm tingling blood rise angrily and burn.
I sit in class and don't say a word.  When I do speak up, I go unheard.
Hey man, don't you see me crying out for help I'm feeling something that I feel no has ever felt.