Poems about Health

Am I a set of rules Not well known nor followed But he will see I am shallow Not by choice
Why did I feel that my presence was an abomination and that a cut on my wrist should be my only physical sensation?
My heart is heavy My face is damp with tears My voice screamed raw; threatening not to heal
If everyday is a journey then we’d best be on our way If a quest is why you’re yearning
Addicted No Not to love Not to alcohol Not to cigarettes How could I stoop so low?
scream. cry. mad. sad. wanting to forgive wanting to live just needing to survive her ambush on me
I’m trying to be strong But it’s so hard when That voice in my head Tells me that I’m just Not good enough
Today I dressed in all pink because I made the mistake of leaning in close
When you’re sick you don’t feel right. You want to run away, But you have to fight.
Up late again and my minds getting hazy, Should probably be worried but it really doesn't faze me.