Poems about Health

I wear makeup to cover the dark circles under my eyes, I wear long sleeves and pants the hide the lines I drew,
The tea is made of blood, she said. Only the the blood of the forgotten, Those who have given up on life,
It’s a place of comfort, A place meant for you to hide away, A place where no one is everyone
Solemn demeanor for all to see. Underneath is the real, outgoing me. A man who speaks his mind.
the mirror is a dirty little liar
I am a someone. I am a no one. On the outside I try to fit in but on the inside I feel like I never win.
Makeup hides flaws. Sunglasses hide eyes. Masks hide faces, But can they mask lies?  
We struggle and reach for that which is ours, to recover once again from a fated defeat.