Poems about Health

  Fresh with rain, glistening so beautifully, Welcoming for mine, it haunts me, Chills bite at my face,
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The P.E teachers at school Always said, “Get another lap in there!” “Don’t stop moving!”
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I’ve discovered truth, a worthy place for my mind Where I can leave the heavy burdens I carried behind
I reach for the ropeI should reach for the phone,I should reach for the pen, ora book, or go home. Its something of nothing, it is of cou
A broken promise Etched, a violent sketch  Of hurt and hatred Trying to forget Trying to drown
Baby, if you struggle Know that I struggle too. I understand that the nights are hard
An ode to the person that I see in the mirror,  Keep your distance, don't come any nearer.
We are the writers of this storybut how often do we hold the pen?Pressure, all around us