Poems about Health

I gave you the key But you only threw it aside
Do you know what is something for you to do when youre depressed? Cry.
when i was cells dividing my mother would sing, even then she would sing
How can this be happening? Please tell me this is just a dream. I have a mental illness you say?
Sitting in class in the middle of the year When voices in my head for some reason cause fear
-It's hard getting in touch with your feelings and even harder to tell people how you feel
Irritable. Very irritable. Sleepless-sometimes for days My mind moves so fast My mouth can't keep up.
what four walls can hide is astonishing the face of a girl that's been hiding every day
Ever wonder what it's like to feel totally out of control?
Down here in this place so deep This mountain never seemed so steep Smiling faces all around seem