Poems about Health

Your irrevelant acs anger me Stop speaking of the past You continue as I plea Never stopping at last
There are those that would squander their lives chacing goals that lay in irrelevancy
Crack a smile no one will know hello, how are you general sense there are no individuals 
There's a Friend for little children,                             
Why am I so shy ? Try to speak but nothing comes out. Sweaty palms , heart beating fast. 
Do you see that girl?  She's in the back row She came in late and you told her so  
Four White walls,  Brick Walls,  Cold Brick Walls, A classroom with four cold white brick walls
Innocence is lost as knowledge is gained Soon, as they held on to know something
The scent wraps around me.  It fills me with longing, A longing for a past life One where pumkins 
It's darkThe quiet rains falls heavily along the rooftopPitPatPitPat