Poems about Health

Who are we? Where are we going? What is our purpose?  
Your pain never felt so real, it never felt so alive. I've been stuck in the middle of hell, and your face is all I see.
Trear drops fall as i rememeber... Every single bad situation Being set up, abused, and beaten
So I try to find my place in the world and where I stand, look at th possibilities of who I am. So where do I stand?
Little lying Loralye Little laughing girl Locked up little girl Like a little lying little laughing little girl
Out of the house and all alone This order you've given me, true self shown.
Standing out in a school of fish Feeling different than all the others
  Options but no choices, surrounded by love, but no way out, except death. Lost hope,
  Time cannot heal all hurts; that old adage is a lie.
Walking,walking, down a street The lights so dim, the space too deep No other soul but my feet's