Poems about Health

Like waste my life reeks Of things that could be done But never did Because here I am
My whole life I’ve played the game Now my talent has come to a halt I wonder why, maybe my coach is insane
One day I won't always be there to dust you off after you run through the dust bowl But please dont ever stop trying
Integration, assassination, precipitation falling from judges heads as they decide the outcome in a steamy Louisiana court case
Who's going to succeed paranoid from all the weed, trying to get by while staying high
Despairing as it may be. I can't win. Cynical this life has been.
they are heroes heroes in discreet they are the heroes no one notices and no one will notice,but they are heroes
Sometimes, I want to get away. And then other times, I want to stay. I need to get out,
Why? Why did you go? Why did you leave? Was there anything I could have done?
who are you to judge my mistakes and past but i have changed to be honest you dont care its all about first impression right?